Our students found our missing Executive Director following an inquiry process powered by forensics! They collected evidence, evaluated results, conducted interviews, reported observations, communicated different hypothetical scenarios based on evidence, and modified according to new information obtained. These are some smart students! The hugs when she was found was the best part!

Thanks to our friends at the NY State Troopers Forensics Investigation Center, Lori Bromberg, Amber Losavio, Trooper Lisa MacLauchlin, and Investigator Erin Manns; Forensics Intern from Schenectady High School and Clarkson University, Desmin Shoemaker; and volunteers and suspects that helped create and solve the enigma, Vadim Bromberg (scientist), Mark Little (suspect – colleague), Sherif Mohamed (suspect – colleague), David Shumpert (husband – suspect), Leigh Feguer (cop), and Nikole Kucza (accomplice). And thanks to our partner, Clarkson University Capital Region Campus, for hosting us!!