Our 6th graders met the science professionals who get to predict the weather at the National Weather Station! They learned about what meteorologists do; the tools they use to predict weather; the importance of considering weather conditions, such as rain storms, into the design of roads, buildings, and houses; as well as how to read data from Mesonet databases and draw isotherms on maps.

Meanwhile, you would think our 7th graders were just playing. Well, what a super fun session they had learning about the physics of flight… wait for it… applied to frisbee! The students had a blast applying the concepts learned into their frisbee designs, reaching distances of up to 20 meters! Way to go!

Special thanks to meteorologists Raymond O’Keefe and Christina Speciale from the US National Weather Service Albany NY for welcoming our 6th graders and sharing some of your great expertise with them. And thanks to engineer Deb Lee and chemistry professor Jodie O’Donnell, who are also big time ultimate frisbee players from the Women’s League of the Albany Ultimate Disc Association, for the awesome session. Also special thanks to the Albany Ultimate Disc Association for the generous donation of approved professional ultimate discs for each student, and to the Capital District YMCA – Schenectady Branch and Urban Co-Works for welcoming and hosting us at their great facilities!