After our 7th graders learned about the science of light a couple of weeks ago, this weekend they looked deeper into the science of color… How we perceive color, the physics and biology of it. That led to some fun visual illusions… Is that what we are seeing or not really? Our brains can rally trick us.

While our 7th graders were in a world of color and illusion, our 8th graders got real learning about the history and evolution of prosthetics, and jumped right into solving some real problems. They blew our minds with their prototypes for leg and finger prosthetics. More importantly, they got to appreciate their own extremities, bringing in a human factor that is key to understanding the importance and value of such field of engineering.

Special thanks to our friends RPI Engineering Ambassadors for such great sessions. Also, we are very grateful to Urban Co-works for hosting us in such incredible space, right at the heart of our kids’ city, the City of Schenectady.