What would we do without music for our soul and water for our bodies? We would not know the world as we know it. So, we should learn about both!

Our souls… Our 7th graders closed their Science of Music module by incorporating a digital component, looking at pitch and frequency. They literally saw the sound of the instrument they build last week, learned how to tune it, and finished with an orchestral performance. They also received a special visit by singer, who addressed and sang to the students.

Our livelihood… Our 8th graders initiated a module on what is such vital topic to all of us… Water. They learned about the different types of water and how water treatment impacts the water they come in contact all the time… drinking water.

Special thanks to GE Global Research scientists Mark Vermilyea and Christina Vasil for such a great module, and for introducing our students to the science behind music in such a creative way for a second year now. Also, special thanks to Carmen Lookshire for sharing her beautiful talent with our students.

On the water module, special thanks to the New York Water Environment Association – NYWEA and its members Dan Rourke, Joseph Brilling, and Tim Clayton for leading a great session.

Last, but not least, thanks to our partner SUNY Schenectady County Community College for hosting us.