On our last day of fall 2019, our 7th graders got a deeper appreciation for the rich expertise in different areas of STEM that their mentors bring to the table, and went through the exercise of thinking about their own Future Story. Using their creativity, and with the mentors’ support, the students created vision boards and personal journals. These will be living documents from where they will continue answering questions they have about possible future careers. Special thanks to our 7th grade mentors for sharing their journey in science and for supporting them in the process of thinking about their future.

While the 7th graders were seeing themselves in the future, our 8th graders took a virtual reality dive underwater to explore and learn about corals. They initiated an exciting new module on types of corals, their role, and the human impact on coral reefs. Our 8th grade scientists propagated some corals that they’ll get see next year to continue this exciting module. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Gerdes and Credabel Coral Lab for the great intro into the fascinating world of corals.

As we close this semester, once again, thanks to our partner Clarkson University Graduate School for hosting us.