Our 7th graders were hosted by Team 20, also known as The Rocketeers. They are the robotics team representing Shenendehowa High School all the way from local to international competitions. Our students had the opportunity to visit their site, where they train and prepare for these challenging, but fun competitions. Team 20 had a great session where they learned about what a robot is, the key components of the robot, and were challenged with a task. We can’t wait to see you in action at the FIRST Robotics competition in the spring!

Meanwhile, our 8th graders were looking more closely at water, learning of techniques to make undrinkable water drinkable, and literally seeing live tiny organisms that we do not want to be ingesting! What a great way to appreciate our resources and learning of careers in science that work diligently on keeping our population safe and healthy.

Special thanks to our friends, Team 20, for welcoming us and hosting such a great session. Also, special thanks to the New York Water Environment Association – NYWEA and its members Dan Rourke, Joseph Brilling, and Tim Clayton for the a great wrap up of the module on water sustainability, and to our partner Clarkson University Graduate School for hosting us!