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We are currently RECRUITING for the following:

  • 2 openings for current 8th Grade Cohort to join ongoing Fall 2019 –> DEADLINE: When spots are filled up. Applications will be evaluated as they come.
  • 22 openings for the next 6th grade Cohort. This new cohort will start participation in the Spring 2020. DEADLINE: Friday, November 15th, 2019.



(1) Fill out the student application (scroll down to DOWNLOAD forms or APPLY ONLINE), and…

(2) Submit two (2) letters of recommendation. At least 1 letter should be from a science/math/tech teacher. Preferably, both letters are from teachers. Other adults that can recommend (maximum 1) include community program leaders or close family friend.

Four ways in which you can turn in your application:

  • Bring to your school office
  • Email application and letters of recommendations to
  • Mail to P. O. Box 4213, Clifton Park, NY 12065
  • Apply online. (Drafts cannot be saved. We recommend that you work on a draft first and then fill out the online form.)

Selected students must attend a student/parent orientation to make sure that we are all on board, and important signatures and information are collected to start the fun and learning!


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Student Application

Letter of Recommendation


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