Rise High wrapped up the module on the Science of Light & Color with a mind-blowing session focused on Colors. We learned about the differences between additive and subtractive color mixing, and explored the differences between mixing different colors of light and different colors of paint/dyes. Not what we expected! Is color what you think it is? Is what you see what others see? We also learned about how we see colors and how sometimes
We continued the theme on the Science of Light & Colors with an intro to color in an artistic way. We not only know that science is in art, but that artistic engagement positively impacts our ability to problem-solve and be more creative (something we scientists need to be good at). And to top that, it activates our neurological system in ways that makes us happier and less prone to certain diseases. So, today we

Let There Be Light!

Posted by Rise High on September 18, 2018
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We started our module on the Science of Light and Colors! Today we learned about waves in such fun ways that included listening to music coming from a laser light! The students were challenged to design a path with the use of mirrors to get a laser light go from Point A to Point B on a maze. What a fun way of applying what we learned about the behavior and properties of waves. Thank
Rise High is back in session! We are so happy to see each other again after the summer break. Our inaugural cohort of 6th graders is now a 7th grader cohort. Where did time go? After all we learned last semester, and our new awareness of the many possibilities that we have, we started the semester thinking about our Future Story: what we want to become, what it looks like, what we need to do
What a special day it was as we celebrated our Inaugural Cohort of 6th graders who successfully completed our Rise High programming in the 2018 spring semester. This special group of students will be moving up to 7th grade in the fall, and they will join us again as 7th graders! We are already missing them (but we will see them soon!). We celebrated with the students and their families, Rise High staff, mentors, partners,