Artistic Scientists or Scientific Artists? Bugs Inside/Out.

artistic-scientists-or-scientific-artists-bugs-inside-out _ Risehigh

Art is Science! That’s why our 7th grades started their module on the Science of Color & Light using color in artistic ways. Engaging in artistic activities exercises the brain in ways that better develops our cognitive skills; the same ones that make scientists better problem-solvers. Students and mentors alike enjoyed the session and were all proud of their creations!

Thanks to Art in Mind Creative Wellness Studio for hosting us in your studio and to instructor Natalie for leading a fun painting session!

While our 7th graders were developing their brains with art, our 8th graders brains’ were blown away with the statement that “We Are 1% Human”. What? Our 8th graders started a new module on Immunology, and continue learning about bugs... on us and in us! Guts, skin, throat, and more! They were all Doctors this weekend. They were our Einsteins! Our students not only learned about how to identify bugs, but soon they will find out more about what they are carrying themselves!

We are incredibly thankful to Dr. Magdia DeJesus from SUNY Albany University at Albany School of Public Health and NYS Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center for the great session. We can’t wait to learn more! Thanks to our partner SUNY SCCC for hosting us!