Forecasting Hurricanes, Robotics, and Discussing Finances.

Forecasting Hurricanes

March 7th, 2020

Our 6th graders were welcomed by SUNY Albany’s Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences. They learned about careers in the world of Weather, as well as important concepts to understand weather and do predictions. Last but not least, they played the role of meteorologists on the green screen. How fun! Special thanks to the team of graduate students that welcomed and provided such a great experience for our students.

Our 7th graders applied what they learned in the past 3 weeks into final challenges with their robots. They did a fantastic job! Special thanks to RPI’s CIPCE and Science Ambassadors.

STEM fields, solving world problems, pursuing marketable careers... But how to make sure that our living wage will do what we need it to do today, tomorrow, and many days after tomorrow. Our 8th graders started a module on Financial Management. It’s never too early to start learning about the importance of reaching Financial Independence and being able to reach our goals, especially when it involves caring for those we love and causes we care for.  Special thanks to Angela Tatem from the Wealth Education Exchange.