Forensics Mystery Fun to Start the Summer!

Forensics Mystery Fun to Start the Summer Photo

Rise High Inc had the pleasure of working closely with members of the New York State Police Investigation Center and members of the American Chemical Society to develop a fun at-home forensics package for our students.

Our students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the field by solving a mystery that required learning about 6 evidence areas. The students applied what they learned and submitted a report that explained how they arrived to their conclusion.

This experience was followed up with a live Zoom call with forensics scientists from the NYS Police Investigation Center! They shared about a day in their lives, how they use science and forensic techniques to solve cases, and answered our students’ questions.

We ended a call with a raffle for which all the students who submitted the forensics report were eligible. The winners received a cool book to learn a lot more about forensics and all the students present received a free ice scream scoop to start the sweet summer!

Special thanks to forensic scientist Dr. Lori Ana Valentin, representing the New York State Police and the American Chemical Society, for coordinating this great effort with Rise High Inc and bringing other local forensics scientists on board. Also special thanks to the group of college students, members of the American Chemical Society, who created the mystery case that our students had to solve. We are grateful for their hard work helping to gather relevant information to solve the mystery and incorporate it into such a fun package. (See names below)

Thank you all! This was a great way to start the summer.

Be safe and well!

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