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October 30, 2021

We were so excited to welcome back our long-time friends, the RPI Engineering Ambassadors (EAs)!  They supported us through the virtual year, and we can finally see each other in person again.  The EAs had our 8th graders on task developing a team-based project.  The students had to work together on the design, prototyping, and communication of their design.  Communication is an essential component in making great inversions become a reality in the hands of the consumer!  Thank you RPI EAs for the fun and high-energy session!

Meanwhile, our 9th graders wrapped up their Rise High + AT&T Game-making: Rising Stronger program.  The students showed great creativity in their game designs using Construct 3.  We will soon be starting this program again with our 8th graders!!  Special thanks to AT&T for making this possible!

Our 10th graders continue their Virtual Reality program.  We had a visit from Spectrum News highlighting International Game Technology’s donation of the mobile computer lab that is making this program possible, as well as upcoming programs you’ll hear about.  We will share the clip when it is aired! Thank you, Spectrum News for your interest in learning more about our program!

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