Rising in the Midst of COVID-19

Rising in the Midst of COVID-19 - Photo

April/May 2020

Regrettably, Rise High had to temporarily suspend in-person programming effective March 13th, 2020, and throughout the remainder of the scheduled spring semester, ending in early May. The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and volunteers is imperative.

In the midst of such challenging situations for Rise High, families, every academic partner, and community at-large that make Rise High possible, we were thrilled to be able to stay connected to our student body. Our staff and mentors stayed connected via regular phone calls to our families, and we held a variety of online sessions developed by our staff, mentors, and special guests.

Together we learned about plants, general technology behind cars, the technology behind electric cars, science behind wool and its processing, neuroscience and creativity, pharmacology, and metals. We were also excited to host local scientists Larry Lewis, Ricki Lewis, and Jim Pickett for an Ask A Scientist Panel. Our students had the opportunity to ask any questions they could think of to these very experienced experts in their fields that ranged from chemistry and materials to biology and genetics.

We wrapped up the semester with a special delivery for every family that included a personalized note for each of our 60 students written by our staff and mentors, a letter of encouragement with a fun brain teaser to solve, and a card for the families with an image of their child in action during our in-person programming. This year also represented a first for Rise High – our inaugural cohort moved up to high school! Back in January 2018 we welcomed a group of very special 6th graders that are now moving up to 9th grade. Witnessing their physical, emotional, intellectual growth, as well as the development of their character, have been a true pleasure for all of the Rise High family. Nothing can replace what would have been our in-person Moving Up Celebration, but that does not take away from the fact that we are here for our students and families, we are thinking of each of them, and we cannot be prouder of their resiliency!