Shining Light on Light & Diagnosing Infectious Diseases

shining-light-on-light-diagnosing-infectious-diseases - risehigh

Our 7th graders learned about the science behind light and had to use what they learned to make a laser light travel through a labyrinth from beginning to end, using mirrors! While they were learning with waves and lasers, our 8th grade Doctors wrapped up their module on Immunology. They learned so much that they were able to correctly diagnose our mentors’ ailments based on presenting symptoms caused by some nasty microbes. They confirmed these by doing some qualitative analytical work, and communicated to our mentors their prognosis. Also, they were shocked to see how dirty our hands and common places around us can be by taking a look at fungal and bacterial growth from samples that they prepared. Do you know that it’s very likely that your cell phone and kitchen counter top have a lot more microbes than the toilet flush handle? Washing hands made a difference, but clearly wand-washing efficiency can vary widely. Remember to sing the whole Happy Birthday song when washing hands.

Thanks to RPI Engineering Ambassadors for ‘shining the Light’, and to Dr. Magdia DeJesus from SUNY University at Albany School of Public Health for an incredible module in Immunology. Thanks to our partner Clarkson University Graduate School for hosting us.