Solving Missing Person & Pathogen’s Cases!

solving-missing-person-pathogens-cases - Risehigh

Where is Ms. Omayra? Our Executive Director disappeared today! Luckily we had a group of very smart 7th graders who applied the skills learned last week during their Forensics session. They collected evidence, analyzed samples, evaluated the results, interviewed suspects, and finally found her safe and sound!

Special thanks to the Forensics Division of the NYS Troopers for teaching our student's such great forensics techniques and leading our students in this fun activity: Lori Ann Valentin, Sasha Hayes, Jalissa Thomas, Samantha Whitfield, Patricia Corbett, Tobi Kirschmann, and Amanda Cadau.

Meanwhile, our 8th graders were microbiologists today as they analyzed the samples they took last week at Vale Park and identified species present. They learned about opportunistic pathogens and how these affect local ecosystems.

Special thanks to our friends and partners from SUNY Schenectady County Community College, Dr. Harris, Dr. Simons, Mr. Eric Quinn, and Mr. Tom Krumm who facilitated such a great experience for our students. And thank you for hosting us at your great facilities.